Terms of service

Risk Notice

Cryptocurrencies are not backed or value guaranteed by any financial institution; when purchasing Cryptocurrencies the customer assumes all risk the Assets may become worthless in value.  Customers should research and consider the risks before purchasing any Assets.  The Exchange makes absolutely no guarantee about the future value of the Assets purchased.

Customer input errors

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the accuracy of information entered and saved on the website.   Account details displayed on the order summary web page will be the final transfer destination.  In the case that this information is incorrect, and funds are transferred to an unintended destination, the Exchange shall not reimburse the customer and shall not transfer additional funds.  As such customers must ensure the Assets address is completely correct.

Must own the Crypto address used

The customer must send any Coin payments to the company from an address owned by the customer.  The Exchange may need to refund the Coin payment.  The Exchange will accept no responsibility or issue any compensation if the customer is unable to access a Coin refund due to sending their initial payment from a shared/online wallet.

Expired orders

If the Exchange receives payment for an order that has already expired, the Exchange reserves the right to recalculate the Coins to Simurg exchange rate at the time of processing the transfer to the customer.  This may result in the customer receiving less Coins than the original ordered amount.

The Exchange requests that no customer completes payments for expired orders, but instead places a new order at the time of their payment.

Order under-payment

If the customer pays less than the payment amount for their order and the order expiration time has passed, the Exchange reserves the right to either:

a) Cancel the order and refund the payment amount
b) Recalculate the order totals based on the payment amount received and the current coin exchange rate

Order over-payment

It is the customers responsibility to send the correct payment amount, if the customer sends an amount great than the amount specified on the order, the Exchange will process the order at the original amount specified on the order.  The amount of over-payment will not be considered in the order, and will not be refunded.

Invalid customer details

The Exchange reserves the right to cancel and refund any orders with false, or seemly false, customer information, including incorrect or invalid name, address, nationality, or ID numbers.

Additional information

The Exchange reserves the right to contact the customer to request additional information related to their identity or source of funds, if the Exchange considers the order to appear suspicious.

Anti-Money Laundering

It is expressly prohibited for the customer to utilized their Exchange for the purpose for cleaning money, hiding money, in any way attempting to obscure the source of funds, or attempting to circumvent financial regulations or restrictions.

The Exchange will actively analyze customer account activity for any signs of money laundering; any customer whom, in the opinion of the Exchange, has the appearance of involvement in money laundering activities will have their account terminated.